Empowering Lives Through

Comprehensive Support Services

At EPIC, we believe that every person has the right to lead a fulfilling life. Our diverse range of support services are designed to empower all adults with limited abilities. Whether it’s through finding meaningful employment, securing comfortable residential support, engaging in enriching day support activities, or receiving personal guidance, our dedicated teams are here to foster independence and ensure quality of life. Explore our success stories to see how we’ve made a difference, and reach out to us today to learn more about our offerings.

Employment Support

EPIC believes that employment is the foundation for self-esteem, a tool to maximize independence, and contributes to self-sufficiency. Contact us to learn more.


An EPIC Employment Support Success Story

Meet James, one of our success stories in employment support. James is a hard-working and cheerful man whose work ethic is unmatched at EPIC. Learn how we helped him achieve meaningful employment and a more fruitful, meaningful life.

Residential Support

EPIC provides housing supports to adults referred by the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA). Our homes are beautifully decorated according to people’s personal styles and are located within the suburbs of Prince George’s County. We make great efforts to maintain and continue the family ties of the individuals we support by including his/her family in all aspects of the person’s life. We tailor the services provided to meet the expressed wishes of the individual and strongly encourage participation in community outings.


An EPIC Residential Support Success Story

Meet Carol, one of our success stories in residential support. Carol has always been full of life and wonder and had a loving, tight-knit family at her EPIC group residence. Learn how we helped her with hands-on care, doctor appointments, and community outings, and how she continues to thrive at EPIC.

Day Support

EPIC’s Day Program is designed to enhance the quality of life for individuals with intellectual challenges. Through the development of an individual plan, our dedicated staff can provide meaningful activities that encourage participation in physical, cognitive, emotional, and social functions. Whether the goal is developing daily living skills or securing successful employment, we are there to assist and support every step of the way


An EPIC Day Support Success Story:

Meet Afam, one of our success stories in day support. Afam is outgoing, loves to engage in conversations, and is extremely athletic. Learn how we helped him with his job, recreational basketball, and socializing with friends.

Personal Support

EPIC’s Personal Supports team provides supervision and assistance in the home or community that helps adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to attain greater independence and inclusion by helping them to learn lifestyle and coping skills or have meaningful experiences.


AN EPIC Personal Suport Success Story:

Meet Francis, one of our success stories in personal support. After attending a local day program for many years, Francis was able to retire and enjoy his golden years at his own pace. Learn how we helped him with his lifestyle, coping skills, and socialization.

Residential Services Administration

The Residential Services Administration team is responsible for managing and overseeing EPIC’s residential services program. Contact us to learn more.